Click 3X gets busy with titles for two films

新闻|Digital Arts| 2008-12-16 12:49:30

New York-based VFX studio Click 3X has been hard at work creating the title sequences for not one, but two new movies by Oscar-winning directors. The studio have created highly stylized sequences for Jonathan Demme's Rachel Getting Married, Davis Guggenheim's It Might Get Loud.

For Rachel Getting Married, the Oscar-tipped movie about the complex nature of family relationships boiling over at a supposedly joyous event, Click worked closely with Jonathan Demme, expanding on the working relationship first established with Demme's unconventional feature documentary on Jimmy Carter titled, Man From Plains.

The design team infused Demme's directorial vision to capture and subtly convey the palpable friction of a flawed family, as well unveiling the raw feelings and conflict that weddings can incite.

Creative Director Steve Tozzi adds, "Using the input from Jonathan and some really elaborate and unique styling, we tried to integrate emotive hints at the plot into every detail of the titling. Each aspect of the opening sequence, from the typography and screen placement, to the range to type sequences and titles and names all echo the mood of the film. Even the placement of text on the screen reiterates the disorganization and awkwardness of the relationships and emotions that stem from the weekend wedding."

It Might Get Loud is a documentary on the electric guitar told from the point of view of three rock icons: Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. The titling sequence, a series of slow, sensual beauty shots of a collection of guitars, has a practical look that complements the rich history of the electric guitar. Titles gradually appear near the neck and body of the instruments, until finally revealing the names of the three iconic players, branded on the guitars like logos, each with a look that parallels the guitars they used.

Tozzi explains, "For this project it was really important to develop symbolic typography-something that would really embody each icons' style, era, and of course, music. For Jimmy Page the look is classic, Gibsonian, while The Edge has an electric, techy feel, and Jack White is about retro simplicity – he really could pick up any guitar and play."

With this distinct typography, the Click designers helped position each guitarists' legacy as an evocative, widely-recognized brand, complete with millions of loyal fans and a dynamic rock history – all epitomized in lines, angles, colors and shadows of their personal logo.

In addition to the title sequence, Click 3X designed the film poster and developed the look and feel of the materials that launched the film at Toronto Film Fest.