Pantone Selects Colour of the Year for 2009

新闻|The FontFeed|Yves Peters 2008-12-10 16:04:31

As we're in the home stretch to the end of the year, the traditional "Best of" lists and year overviews are starting to pop up. Since 2000 Pantone elects a Colour of the Year. Last week "the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries", announced PANTONE®14-0848 Mimosa, a "warm, engaging yellow which embodies hopefulness and reassurance in a climate of change", as the colour of the year for 2009. "In a time of economic uncertainty and political change, optimism is paramount and no other color expresses hope and reassurance more than yellow." It succeeds last year's PANTONE®18-3943 Blue Iris, "a multifaceted hue reflecting the complexity of the world that surrounds us".

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®, explains:

The color yellow exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun, properties we as humans are naturally drawn to for reassurance. Mimosa also speaks to enlightenment, as it is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation.

Best illustrated by the abundant flowers of the Mimosa tree and the sparkle of the brilliantly hued cocktail, the 2009 color of the year represents the hopeful and radiant characteristics associated with the color yellow. Mimosa is a versatile shade that coordinates with any other color, has appeal for men and women, and translates to both fashion and interiors. Look for women's accessories, home furnishings, active sportswear and men's ties and shirts in this vibrant hue.

The election of Mimosa yellow as Colour of the Year caught Erik Spiekermann's attention. On his Spiekerblog he reminisces about the very early days of FontShop 20 years ago, when Alex Branczyk and himself designed the logo and graphic identity for the fledgeling company:

We thought light and dark would nicely represent the digital process of one and zero, as well as the process inside the laser printer. Black and white was too plain, so it became black and yellow. That colour scheme has become synonymous with FontShop and its products, like the FontFont library.

The FontFeed, whose graphic identities prominently feature yellow with black and white elements, are of course delighted with this selection. You can rely on us for more than type expertise. We'll "nurture and reassure" you too. ;)

Past Colours of the Year

2000| PANTONE®15-4020Cerulean Blue

Chosen for the millennium for its calming zen state of mind.2001| PANTONE®17-2031Fuchsia Rose

A reversal from the previous year, more exciting, more feminine and sexy.2002| PANTONE®19-1664True Red

Recognizes the impact of 9/11 with a patriotic hue.2003| PANTONE®14-4811Aqua Sky

A cool blue meant to restore hope and serenity.2004| PANTONE®17-1456Tiger Lily

Acknowledges the hipness of orange, with a touch of exoticism.2005| PANTONE®15-5217Blue Turquoise

Another reversal to a calming shade.2006| PANTONE®13-1106Sand Dollar

A neutral color that expresses concern about the economy.2007| PANTONE®19-1557Chili Pepper

Chosen for its pizazz and sophistication and its hint of ethnic taste.2008| PANTONE®18-3943Blue Iris

A mix of blue and purple that suggests dependability and magic.

Header image:Mimosa stock photo © Josep Altarriba