Canadian studio Spin combined animation techni"/>

Spin creates stunning spots for Canadian newspapers

新闻|Digital Arts| 2008-10-23 12:48:48

Globe and Mail." />

Canadian studio Spin combined animation techniques including motion graphics, 3D, typography, stop-motion, photo-mation, illustration and collaged layers to create two compelling cinema ads for Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail.

The spots were designed by Spin creative director Mike Spicer, for agency Naked Creative Consultancy

The ads explore the range and depth of the paper's coverage, one through typography alone and the other through a voiceover. They demonstrate that the paper caters for every interest, from sport to wellbeing to politics, and also indicate how global issues--such as heroin in Afghanistan--can become highly local when placed in the context of, say, drug addiction in Vancouver.

The spots add to this sense of eclecticism and fullness by having a constantly shifting point of view and a carefully messed-up aesthetic, using lots of scribbles and blotches, seemingly wood-cut block lettering and textured backgrounds.

At some points the focus is on the paper edition, with lots of torn-paper effects, while at other points the spot highlights the paper's Web site, and new themes are raised by shattering through a screen.

Click here and here to watch the spots.