FontShop Releases Adobe PhotoShop Plugin

新闻|Dexigner|Levent Ozler 2012-04-12 04:01:43

FontShop International released its Photoshop Plugin, enabling designers to test out 150,000+ fonts in any Photoshop document.

Aiming to make the design process as seamless as possible, the plugin allows designers to "try before they buy," by creating comps with the actual typefaces they are proposing to the client. The plugin itself appears just like any other Photoshop palette to unobtrusively integrate into your design space.

FontShop Adobe PhotoShop Plugin


Each font you preview becomes its own "layer" in the Photoshop layers palette so it's easy to test out lots of options and toggle back and forth to see what looks good within the design.

The plugin lets users to change the text that's displayed and offers mini-previews of the selected typeface to save time when looking for how a particular character or string of characters look.