Lack of Typographic Imagination: Stating The Obvious

新闻|The FontFeed|Jürgen Siebert 2008-09-29 14:28:06

One of the most original type-related pools on Flickr is LTypI: Lack of Typographic Imagination (the acronym of course being a nod to ATypI). The Flickr group collects pictures of logos where the name – or parts of the name – is derived from the typeface used to set the logo in. A recent example is Berlin Tegel Airport's Market Place, as Ivo Gabrowitsch discovered the logo is set in FF Market.

Lack of Typographic Imagination: The David Rockwell monograph Spectacle by Bruce Mau set in Rockwell.

Ivo created the Flickr group together with our resident editor Stephen Coles. If you possess any examples in your picture archives we strongly suggest you contribute to LTypI.

Header image:Berlin Tegel Airport's Market Place uses FF Market by H.A. Simon

© Ivo Gabrowitsch