Teacup Software ships TypeFitter Pro Adobe InDesign plug-in

软件|Digital Arts| 2008-09-22 12:48:22

Teacup Software today announced the release of TypeFitter Pro, an advanced version of its TypeFitter plug-in that brings automated type fitting features to Adobe InDesign CS3. The new plug-in is aimed at automating the process of cleaning up type without compromising quality typography.

It offers the ability to create custom typefit rules to fix such text-flow issues as widows, oversets and imbalanced columns. It also includes the time-saving manual typefit tools featured in the classic version of TypeFitter.

TypeFitter Pro's automated typefit features are built around typefit rules. Six rule types are available, each one customized to address a different copy issue that might crop up in a document. Users customize each rule with a set of attributes that the rule can modify and a set of paragraph styles tell the rule what text it can touch.

Typefit rules are collected together inside typefit styles. Users can create as many rules as they need to inside each style, allowing them to customize different solutions for different needs. Switching between styles is designed to be simple, as is sharing them between documents.

Users enforce typefit rules on a document either one at a time using a fix-and-find-next paradigm familiar to most people from spell-checking. Users can also find and/or fix all rule violations at once.

TypeFitter Pro is available for InDesign CS3, InCopy CS3 and InDesign Server CS3. It costs $199 (around £110) for InDesign and $99 (£55) for InCopy. The classic version of TypeFitter will continue to be sold for CS3, and upgrades are available.