Type Is Art / Parts of a Character

新闻|The FontFeed|Yves Peters 2008-09-15 21:48:32

Parts Of A Character is a typography project that originated as an educational print, aimed at typography students, created by artist and designer Susanne Cerha of Silo Design, Inc. The print in turn inspired José Rodriguez of JRVisuals to create the public interactive project Type Is Art.

On the website visitors are invited to create their own visuals, using the 20 basic typographic shapes that make up the characters of the Latin alphabet. Those character fragments (from Adobe Caslon) become abstract elements, removed from their communicative capacity. They can be freely scaled, rotated and arranged to form new and surprising compositions. There is an educational aspect to the website as well, as the different parts of the characters are named and explained at the bottom.

The visuals can be saved to a gallery. As creations trickle in to Type Is Art the most original, funny, lewd, obscure, poetic and majestic designs are featured on the Parts Of A Character products. Those can be purchased via the Parts Of A Character web shop.