Figtree creates London Film Festival campaign

新闻|Digital Arts| 2008-09-15 12:48:13

London-based creative consultancy Figtree has created a typography-heavy campaign for this year's The Times BFI London Film Festival; the campaign's posters will be making its debut around the capital from today (September 15).

Figtree's designs are centred on soundbites about the importance of movies from prominent filmmakers, including the BFI's former director, Anthony Minghella. The block-capital text is pale in colour, placed over a darkened image of a forest.

Figtree says that the campaign is aimed at all potential audiences, and wants to encourage people to discover the festival's offerings for themselves.

The BFI's artistic director Sandra Hebron has welcomed the designs, praising the "striking typographical treatment" for its "distinctly cinematic feel": "Figtree have brought an imaginative approach and a cinematic feel to this year's campaign, and from their initial proposals to the final campaign, have not only understood the fundamentals of the Festival, but have helped us in focusing and articulating the message we want to convey."

Posters will be appearing from today on buses, Tube platforms and overground railway stations, to be followed by two billboards in prominent locations in Leicester Square in mid-October.

The Times BFI London Film Festival runs from October 15-30. Click here for the programme.