Design Mind Magazine Features Erik Spiekermann

设计|The FontFeed|Chris Hamamoto 2008-09-03 04:55:16

Hot off the presses is Frog Design's new magazine, Design Mind. Our founder, Erik Spiekermann, is featured in a two page spread in their eighth issue, Numbers. The article focuses on Spiekermann's personal relationship with typography and designing figures.

Erik Spiekermann:

"They [letters] are my friends… Some people look at bottles of wine, or whatever – girls' bottoms – I get kicks out of looking at type."

"Anybody can design letters, but numbers are hard. Tech was an interesting challenge that I gave myself: to create a typeface that has no diagonals. When you design numbers, you have to do ABC at least. It's interesting because I realized that what worked for the house numbers obviously doesn't work for letters. This was going backwards. But numbers and letters are very different; they have different space, different shapes; they come from different places. Figures are actually my favorite part of type design."