Viewpoint designs interactive in-store campaign for Reebok

设计|Digital Arts| 2008-08-19 12:47:57

Looking to shout about the state-of-the-art technology that goes into its cross-training and running shoes, Reebok turned to Viewpoint Creative, a creative agency specializing in lifestyle and entertainment brands.

Viewpoint created an in-store/online infotainment campaign that featured five different technologies developed by Reebok. Each vignette distilled these complex technologies in a clear and visually captivating point of purchase video that worked for both in-store and online.

'Reebok has traditionally applied some amazing science to the design of their running and cross-training shoes to maximize user performance and comfort,' said Michael Middeleer, Viewpoint's executive creative director. 'The challenge for us creatively was to take some of this complex science and break it down in ways that people could easily understand and would work both in-store and online.'

Viewpoint created an ultra-contemporary CGI environment in which Reebok's vast shoe technology becomes instantly available via activated display panels. The array of automated metallic panels suggests an infinitely vast database of information; they pivot in space, zoom up, and subdivide in unexpected ways to deliver key information. Live action scenes of athletes training are elegantly integrated with the animated 3D screens to reveal how the technology is used.

Slick on-screen typography prompt questions about consumer training preferences, then demonstrate unique Reebok solutions. For example, Reebok Select Ride technology gives athletes an option: choose 'Run' mode, and the panels show how the shoe heel inflates for maximum cushioning. Alternatively, if the user chooses 'Train' mode, we see how the heel can be lowered for enhanced lateral movement.

For each of the five infotainment segments--which include Select Ride, Core Train, Kinetic Fit, Smooth Fit and Hex Ride--animations are designed to demonstrate the advanced technologies being applied to maximize athlete performance and comfort. Select Ride can be viewed here.

'The big challenge for us was to take complex technology and make it riveting to audiences,' Joseph Kiely, Viewpoint's creative director, design said. 'It had to be something in-store viewers could connect with at any point, because with in-store you never know when someone starts watching it. But it had to work online as well, where people are specifically clicking on the Reebok website to watch it.'

'More than anything it was essential we create something that was compelling to consumers,' added Kiely. 'By conjuring this sleek, ultra-high tech environment we give the technology a sense of visual context in terms of how ahead of the curve Reebok is in designing state-of-the-art athletic gear, but also something that truly captures the eye and the imagination.'