In Use: Neo Tech for Drobo

新闻|The FontFeed|Stephen Coles 2008-07-10 11:40:21

We've already given Intel props for modernizing their identity with a suitably modern typeface, Sebastian Lester's Neo® Sans. Data Robotics, Inc. — makers of the Drobo storage device that is sweeping the tech community — have made fine use of another member of the Neo® family, Neo® Tech.

Read more about Neo® in this PDF issued by Monotype® upon its release, and download and print detailed specimens of Neo® Sans and Neo® Tech.

There are various purchase options for the two font families, but we strongly recommend the OpenType Value Packs for efficient access to numerals and alternate glyphs, and, you guessed it, value — getting an OT family all at once costs much less per font.

Neo® Sans StdNeo® Tech StdNeo® Sans Pro – support for Central European languagesNeo® Tech Pro – support for Central European languages