Viewpoint Creative redesigns Discovery Channel logo and identity

设计|Digital Arts| 2008-04-25 12:47:26

Discovery Channel turned to Boston & LA-based creative agency Viewpoint Creative to develop a redesigned logo and on-air identity that would leverage the equity of its signature 'globe' icon and tap into the immersive quality of the brand.

Discovery Channel unwrapped the new logo and on-air look during the season premiere of Deadliest Catch, the network's highest-rated series, which returned for its fourth season on April 15.

"Viewpoint Creative is thrilled that Discovery put their trust in us to develop the mark for one of the world's great brands and preeminent television networks," Michael Middeleer, Viewpoint's Executive Creative Director said. "The challenge was to preserve the globe that is so integral to the brand, yet find a way to make it even more connected to the name Discovery."

The Viewpoint solution was to fuse the globe more closely with the 'D' in Discovery. By linking the globe into the 'D' the world and the brand are interconnected as never before.

Continued Viewpoint Creative Director of Design, Joseph Kiely, "the stylized earth, contemporary color palette and fresh typography all combine to bring the mark more in line with where Discovery is today. We have also given the mark the ability to have the 'D-globe' separate out as a single entity. This creates a unique and dynamic icon that can be used as a shorthand 'identifier' or navigation tool in the future."

Discovery Channel also tasked Viewpoint Creative with developing a new on-air identity--one that captures the brand's vibrant sense of engagement while giving viewers the clear information they demand to navigate the channel.

Adds Michael Frederick, Viewpoint Creative's Director of Design, "The new Discovery Channel identity package creates a deeply immersive experience for viewers – one that is bold, unfiltered and fun. We wanted to give the network a powerful, new voice and let their amazing programming shine through."

To meet these goals, Viewpoint used a minimalist design style combined with aggressive typography that invites viewers to dive in and explore. Discovery's signature blue palette is made more contemporary. Finally, the new globe developed for the logo is activated. Not only tied to the logo, it now works hard as a branding element--creating transitions, motivating type, and directing the eye to key marketing and navigational information.

The robust, new identity package includes ids, bugs, transitions, intro and end pages, as well as, an expansive IPM (in-programming messaging) toolkit.

The new logo and on-air look coincide with the introduction of the network's new tagline: 'The world is just awesome'.