Aliyun Released New Logo

新闻||FontKeTranslation Team 2016-12-29 17:51:38

Aliyun released its new logo. According to Aliyun, "[]"is a daily-used symbol in code representing calculation and the "-"in the middle represents flow of data. On its official website, the new logo is an gif with "-" moving in constant speed, but if it is non-moving image, it looks like this:


So, here you are, the [-] is the new logo of Aliyun.


It is the third logo of Aliyun since Aliyun founded in 2009 and the last version, in the shape of Chinese character "Cloud", was used for nearly six years. The new logo is clear and simple representing the idea of "For the value can not be calculate" and the internationalization strategy will be benefit from this new logo.


New logo also indicate a move of protection meaning the responsibility of Aliyun to guard every data that is valuable.


So clean and beautiful this logo is. Not only it does not use the shape of cloud which is widely used by its competitors but also dare enough to use the element of code. It is the first non-language logo that can be typed with keyboards that deliver the culture of a company and make an connection with its customers. This logo is great!