Alibaba Supports Font Infringement Complaints

新闻||FontKeTranslation Team 2016-12-23 16:35:36

Alibaba announced that they will support foundries to complaint about sellers on Taobao and Tmall, both of them are biggest online shopping platforms in China, for illegally using their fonts. Ablibaba also reminds sellers to be more careful when they use certain fonts and font families to make advertisements.


Alibaba promise in this announcement that they will delete all the links of goods once they received the complaints. And Alibaba tell copy-right holders to show judicial decision and administrative adjudication when they argue for their copy rights.


Lots of sellers on Taobao and Tmall are shocked when they received notice from Alibaba telling them that all of theirs goods are deleted from the internet which means all the selling records, all the comments of theirs good will be gone because foundries like Microsoft and Fondertype has made complaint to Alibaba about these sellers violating their copy rights by using their fonts on publicity materials.


Foundries ask sellers to pay license fee or they will ask Alibaba to delete their goods. Sellers say that they did not know that using these fonts are not legal. If they knew it, they would never use it in the first place. They expressed their disappointment since all the sellers who have been complained are best sellers on Taobao and Tmall which means they are gonna miss the holiday season which is a very key selling season but with this incident, they will not be able to get involved with holiday sale.