Hollywood Star Matt Damon Wrote Better Chinese than Chinese Stars

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Matt Damon is without any questions one of the top stars in Hollywood. And his new movie The Great Wall directed by Chinese famous director Yimou Zhang has released on China.


At the premiere, the host asked stars including Matt and other Chinese stars to write the Chinese character of creature from the Chinese ancient fairy tale "饕餮" (Tao Tie) which are monsters that always hunger for more food and money and never get satisfied. Tao Tie is also the monster that Matt Damon is about to slay on this movie.


Surprisingly, Matt Damon wrote better Chinese character than Chinese stars. Although, it seems that Matt Damon "copied" from Han Lu, a Chinese movie star and yet still wrote better than Lu.


It is well known that Chinese characters are the most difficult handwriting characters and even lots of Chinese has learn how to write beautiful Chinese characters since they were kids, most of them failed. Plus, the characters of Tao Tie (饕餮) is complicated even for Chinese and most of Chinese can not write it down at the first reaction. And Matt Damon did it.


Matt Damon's Chinese has earned huge credit for him on Chinese internet. Lots of Chinese expressed their admiration for him on Sina Weibo, a social platform like Twitter.