Foundertype Calls For Handwriting

新闻||FontKeTranslation Team 2016-12-21 16:18:19

Recently, "Font Shop", part of "Handwriting Plan" sponsored by Foundertype made an appearance in 33 college campuses in the cities of Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu and Guangzhou. Students can exchange their own handwritten Chinese characters for special-designed products. "Font Shop" provides an unique chance for these students to experience the fun of "Characters for Products" and calls for more attention about handwritten Chinese characters to prove that writing by hand can be valuable.


The "Font Shop" is very attractive with its orange color. There are custom designed notebook, bags, mugs and pillows inside the shop and there are lots of papers and pens outside the shop for "customers" to write. Follow certain rules, student can exchange their own handwritten works for pillows, mugs, notebooks and umbrellas and other products decorated with Chinese characters. By this, "Font Shop" shows the value of handwritten Chinese characters.

It is believed that you can tell someone's personal character by looking into their handwriting Chinese characters. Some people write like running water, some like wild winds. Your handwriting shows your true color. With the development of technology, PC and smart phones are change our life causing the losing of this valuable tradition, write by hand.

This meaningful activity attracts lots of students and there are nearly 10 thousand student experienced this activity. The organizer Foundertype announced that there will be more following activities based on "Handwriting Plan" and they will collect more creative and custom fonts to renew the traditional culture of handwriting. They want to make college students to exprience the value and fun of handwriting so they will love writing with hand again.