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Front page of issue 2/2014

Prozaas the main typeface, making good use of the better part of its 12 styles. Dietmar Liehr comments:

The chosen size is very large for body text, because visually impaired readers are part of the target group. For them, the clear shapes of a sans serif are crucial. Proza combines this aspect with a warmth that is evoked by the varied stroke width of the implied broad nib. Like few other typefaces, Proza truly earns the name of a "humanist" sans serif.

It is paired with two stylistically related typefaces: The nameplate uses two weights of the less calligraphic and more containedAgilita. For the main headline, Proza Bold is contrasted with the monolinearIdeal SansThin, which is lighter than what Proza's weight range has to offer.

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Detail of the Events section from issue 2/2015

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