What your font choice says about you

新闻|Creative Bloq|Dom Carter 2016-05-11 05:19:57

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It's no secret that when it comes to typography, art directors have some pretty brutal opinions. Some professional fonts are always held in high esteem, some have their time in the sun before becoming dated, and some are just Comic Sans. But does your choice of font reflect your personality?

Curtis Newbold, the writer/developer/designer behind The Visual Communication Guy, certainly thinks fonts say something about their user. In this wry chart he takes a swipe at some of the most popular wordmarks used by designers and pokes fun at what they've come to represent.

Don't take this chart too seriously though. Not all Minion Pro users are unoriginal and there's nothing lazy about using good old Calibri. Although there's no defending Comic Sans. Nobody gets away with using it.