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Website for Konst & Teknik & Martin, was designed with the starting point to make long reads as diverse and interesting as possible, while still being easy to write and edit by its numorus editors around Sweden, and with a great emphasis on details. Konstfrämjandets' different districs around the country — currently eight — all have their own color in order to make them differ from the main site, and many small visual tricks and treats have been implemented on the site (scrollbars! multiply! rounded images!).


License: All Rights Reserved.

Long reads are made typographically diverse, using for example drop caps, and quotes and images seperated into the right column.

License: All Rights Reserved.

Each distric has its own color, in order to give them their own identity while still maintaining a connection to the main site.

Photo: Harald Peter Ström. License: CC BY-SA.

Konstfrämjandets' projects are visually made as diverse as possible, with different options for layout adjustments for the sites' editors.