More FontShop Blogs!

新闻|The FontFeed|Stephen Coles 2006-05-25 05:23:03

The FontFeed is not the only FontShop blog. Representatives from FontShop Germany and Benelux also have their own venues for typographic observation and inspiration.


Jürgen Siebert has been with FontShop since its near beginnings in 1991, when he joined to help build the FontShop network. He began his career as co-founder of Germany's leading graphic design magazine PAGE, in which he still pens a regular column. Now the head of FontShop Germany, Jürgen produces pages of quality content on his FontBlog every week for those lucky enough to read German.

Recent Fontblog highlights:

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This week, FontShop Benelux was blessed with a brand new blog, featuring the thoughtful musings of Yves Peters. Yves has been my typographic brother-in-arms for years as a moderator at Typophile and contributor to Typographica. But, like Jürgen, his history with FontShop goes back much further — he witnessed the birth of FontShop Benelux in 1991. Yves' Unzipped writings will appear in Dutch with occasional French and English translations.

Recent Unzipped highlights:

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