21st Annual Fonts Festival : fonts, lettering and typography surf #4

字体排印|Graphic Design & Publishing Center|Fred Showker 2015-09-23 15:12:38

We have discovered some really incredible resources! That's the really rewarding thing about the festival--the opportunity to meet and discover so many talents. And, we want to thank everyone for sending in their suggestions!

In today's surf we visit some unique individuals, and we'll se some really good fonts . . .

Hidden talent Save the Children Indonesia campaignHand-Lettered Logotypes by Dmitriy TkachevPardon My French by Vegetal Identity Typerror beauty in hand letteringThe Impregnable Script Font

Hidden talent Save the Children Indonesia campaign

Doesn't this look like fun? From somewhere in Jakar hails Kiko Ardiansjah, lettering and illustration . . . except we cannot find further info! Here's what his description said:

Mau modusin dia pake color powder? atau mau lari dari jeratan mantan? . Nah! Buat temen-temen yang di Palembang coba ikutan nih #DiscoverRun hari Minggu tanggal 13 September 2015 di Lapangan DPRD. Info detilnya bisa langsung cek ke. Bisa bikin hati kamu yang gelap jadi warna-warni! . #handlettering #kaligrafina #belmenid #ads Save the Children Indonesia campaign, kolaborasi dari @savechildren_id x @kaligrafina x @belmenid x Raihan The Future Leader! #race4survival #kaligrafina #BelmenID #SaveChildrenID

Full story : Kiko Ardiansjah

Here is a Kiko doing a chalk wall in hand lettering

Typerror beauty in hand lettering

Michael Clark is a lettering artist and type designer who resides in Glen Allen, Virginia. His lettering can be seen on packaging for products ranging from salad dressing to book and CD covers. He also designs fonts for corporations, as well as for resale.

Clark has also designed some extraordinary fonts for corporations!

Full story : Michael Clark Design

Michael Clark wishes you Seasons Greetings

PARDON MY FRENCH by Vegetal Identity

Seems the typogralphy and lettering blogosphere has gone gah-gah over vegetation as type.

Typography made out of vegetation is cool, and every blog and his brother has published this shot ... but we cannot seem to find the originator. All of the searches for "Vegetal Identity" come up as blank.html. Go figure.

Full story : How about "growing" your typography? We LOVE it!

Hand-Lettered Logotypes by Dmitriy Tkachev

Dmitriy Tkachev is one of the talents we like to run across. Dmitriv creates hand-lettered logotypes . . . more like script and calligraphy

He's a graphic designer based in Gomel, Belarus. Of course, his specialization is logo design and custom lettering.

Full story : Dmitriy on Behance

Go ahead and scroll a collection of his logos

Impregnable Script Font

This is a lovely script created in 2013 by Måns Grebäck in Orebro, Sweden--The commercial version with numbers, etc. is only $59 . . . Måns has studied Graphic Design for a bachelor's degree at University of Dalarna between 2009 and 2012. In 2011 he started the company Mawns Design for his ongoing business of designing fonts and working on freelance projects.

Visit his website

Full story : Måns Grebäck Graphic Design

Here is a the sample page!

Here is your direct download link: impregnable-personal-use-only.zip

Mans Greback

Mans Greback