Europolis 2100 by Pinar & Viola

新闻|Fonts in Use|Gareth Hague 2014-11-25 04:42:10

Source: & Viola. License: All Rights Reserved.

Pinar & Viola:

Two anonymous street sellers came in and placed their goods on a cloth in the middle of the opening of the exhibition De Verdieping, Trouw Amsterdam. Their presence created confusion among the guests and the contributor who were enjoying their champagne. The tension grew with the two street sellers' convincing presence as un-welcomed guests in the art bubble, trying hard to convince the visitors to buy their t-shirts.

Visitors who weren't intimidated by the street sellers started to speak with them. These curious guests discovered that the street sellers' goods were manifesting utopian chaos and an unknown city, Europolis from year 2100.

The street sellers claimed that their products were transmitted from the future, from the year 2100, as a sneak peek from a futuristic mega metropolis called Europolis. […]