What Does Comic Sans Taste Like? Prim Prim Studio Reimagines Fonts As Food (PHOTOS)

新闻| 2013-07-16 10:37:53

Admit it; we've all spent a bit too much time thinking about the personalities of our favorite fonts. Comic Sans is cute, while Courier New is all business.

But imagining fonts as food takes the obsession to a new level.

Lithuanian design duo Prim Prim studio, made up of Kotryna Zilinskiene and Migle Vasiliauskaite, together with two architects-Vytenis Zilinskas and Linas Mikoliūnas, took on the daunting task of whipping up dishes that captured the spirit of Comic Sans, Courier New and Times New Roman. The results are visible on the Taste the Font blog.

Each font is paired with a paper dish, along with a recipe and the history of each font's form. We never thought we could have our font and eat it, too.

Comic Sans is a marshmallow...

Courier New is a sandwich...

And Times New Roman a traditional breakfast.

If this delectable typography has whet your appetite, check out one of our favorite font-centric odes, "In Defense Of Comic Sans."

Which font sounds most delectable to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.