New Foundry: Dalton Maag

企业| Blog|Bill Davis 2012-05-10 13:25:34

Dalton Maag Ltd is a London-based type foundry specializing in custom type design and development. The Dalton Maag font collection reflects the typographic and language capabilities their team has built up since its founding in 1991. All their fonts are finely crafted for use in text and display settings.

Dalton Maag fonts feature extensive language support, with many of the fonts contains extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. Also, many of these fonts contain OpenType typographic features such as fractions and various figure styles.

We invite you to explore the more than 200 fonts from Dalton Maag, including these selections:





Aktiv Grotesk

AG Fonts

AG Fonts

Dalton Maag

Dalton Maag