Unicode Updates Emoji Charts and Expands List of Candidates

标准|The Unicode Blog|Unicode, Inc. 2015-12-22 04:36:56

The Unicode Consortium announced today it is updating the Unicode emoji charts with the following major changes:

The Full Emoji Data chart adds the latest updates for Google, Twitter, Windows, and EmojiOne emoji images. It also now includes all the emoji sequences, for a total of 1,624 emoji.

The Emoji Candidates chart is updated to add the 7 characters recently approved as candidates, for a total of 74 emoji candidates. There are refreshed images courtesy of Adobe, Emojipedia.org and EmojiXpress.

The Emoji Ordering chart now shows the diverse family emoji, and adds subcategories to make the organization clearer.

And the Emoji Style chart has been extended to list the 1,624 emoji characters and sequences as text with variation selectors and fonts, for testing with browsers.

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