Inspiration : Amazing type, font and lettering treatments that show true creativity!

新闻|Graphic Design & Publishing Center|Fred Showker 2015-09-28 15:13:04

FINDING UNIQUE AND CREATIVE WAYSof illustrating and presenting type and lettering is one of the real pleasures of the Fonts Festival each year. Here, we've tried to pick the very best in both technique and styling. You know you've got really creative thinking when you've made typography out of chocolate or paper or sticks and grass. In this collection you'll see some amazing lettering from carefully engineered to tea leaves! Enjoy!

Our collection here features many works by students! We've found that student work is often the most exciting and creative in the entire arena! Students usually have the luxury of freedom in design. When I was teaching typography at James Madison University, I specified the project, but then encouraged the students to be as "different" and creative as possible. If I saw any works that even suggested I'd seen it before, they had to do it again. (Remember, 40 years in this biz I've seen a lot of typography and lettering!)

Go hunting for the most unique and here's what you might find









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